It’s a family affair

Greetings! My name is George Kokkotos and this is my story.

I immigrated to Australia on the early 70’s at a very young age where I met my beloved (Greek) wife. There I worked as a mechanic – tool maker and after a couple of years we decided with my wife to move to the USA, commonly known as the land of opportunity back then. Indeed we, along with my brother in-law, managed to buy a small restaurant and make it a successful business. As years were passing by and my kids were growing up, our heart was still in our home country hence by the late 80‘s the family returned back to Greece for good.

This was the time when I bought a taxi license. Though difficult in the beginning to adjust in the Greek way of driving and life in general, I then realized that I could become more than just an ordinary cab driver. I began studying about my country’s history and by being able to speak English fluently, I offered my services to travel agencies and random tourists from the airport and cruise ships. In a short time my name was getting bigger by word of mouth and people from all over the world were asking for my services either via phone calls or by fax messages. Before I realize it I have become “George the famous taxi driver”!

As years were passing by and my popularity was rapidly increasing, I started focusing on expanding the business by recruiting and training some fellow taxi drivers. This was it. George’s Taxi company was ready to assist people take hassle-free transfers from airport/port to Athens and exciting excursions throughout Athens and the mainland. Last but not least, I am proud to say that my three sons after completing their studies decided to join the business and help continue the legacy…I look forward to seeing you in Athens!

George Kokkotos

We Are Here
To Serve You!

George’s Taxi is a Greek – American family owned and operated business born out of more than 20 years experience in providing quality private tours, small group tours, shore excursions and car services.

George’s Taxi was born with one heart, one passion, one identity. It was born with the idea of helping others have the same “intellectual” journey that the city has given us, a millennium voyage into the cultures of the past, into more than three thousands years of human presence and human activity documented by the manufactures and art still present today in the city.

Our skills

  • Quality and Professionality 100%
  • Car Fleet 100%
  • Punctuality and Courtesy 100%

Our Valuable Team Members


Manager for Van/ Minibus Reservations & Van driver

I work with my father for over 10 years. I take great pride in using the experiences shared by my father to continue the legacy he started by helping tourists discover the outstanding beauty and magnificent scenery that graces all of Greece.


Manager for Limousine Reservations & Limo driver

I work with my father for over 15 years. Come and visit Greece with us, our family we’ll show you the best and you’ll keep my country in your hearts for over.


Manager for Taxi Reservations & Taxi/Van driver

Hello I work for our family business for over 5 years. I am fully dedicated to my job and I try my best to help you make your plans go smoothly and your holiday an unforgettable one!


Minibus & Van Driver

I work for George’s Taxi for almost 7 years now. I enjoy showing our foreign Guests the most interesting and unusual places in my city. Athens is a really fascinating city, vast and dynamic that has shown extraordinary development in recent years. I am absolutely sure that you will be positively impressed by Athens!


Van driver

I wasn’t born in Athens, but visited it regularly since my childhood. When I moved here to work I didn’t need to adapt or blend in – for some reason I immediately felt at home. I love its speed, and for me it’s an ocean of opportunities. I will do my best to help you make your acquaintance with Athens authentic and special.


Taxi Driver

I was born in Athens region, so Athens has always been a part of my life, every street reminds me of something from my childhood or school years. I have always been interested in the history of Greece. I have read tons of books and walked/drove thousands of miles. I enjoy sharing my love for the city, I am eager to show the true Greece without stereotypes, to show the best of it to everybody.


Taxi Driver

Athens is the city where I was born, raised and started my professional life and the city that I always feel connected with. And what is the most important, I love Athens. Athens doesn’t leave anybody indifferent and I am here to help you to see the beauties of Athens and to feel the vibration of the heart of Greece.


Taxi driver

Visiting Athens you will feel its spirit and mood, touch the stones that remember fatal and turning moments of centuries, stroll through the old streets and places where the greatest men of the world history used to enjoy the beauty of the city. I have to warn you: the city will enchant you and you fall in love with it! I’m happy to have a chance to show you all the colors and delights of our exciting city, you will be totally overjoyed and full of impressions!


Licensed Tour Guide - Archaelogist - Museologist

Being a guide in such an amazing city like Athens, where I was born and raised, was my dream. I’ll show you the city, share my knowledge of its history, and give you a lot of tips!


Licensed Tour Guide - Archaeologist - Art Historian

Athens is a fascinating and one-of-a-kind city: a dynamic megalopolis with its terrific speed of life, at the same time bearing traces of the grand Greek history. I admire the fact that nowadays tourism tends to profundity and personalized approach. People are no longer satisfied with standard group tours filled with bear facts and clichés. Let us show you the best of this beautiful and powerful city and make your stay in Athens informative, enjoyable and unforgettable!


Licensed Tour Guide - Archaeologist

It’s really a great pleasure to see our guests excited, impressed and satisfied. And probably inspired for further discoveries! We are proud of our city and want to share this pride with you. If you wish to explore Athens with us, you are welcome.