The Acropolis & the Acropolis Museum Walking Seminar

This is one of the most important walking tours in terms of ancient history and art.During this 4-hour tour you’ll have the opportunity to look closely at the Acropolis and its fundamental role in the city.

Tour length: 4 hours       Depart from: outside the Acropolis Metro Station

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Byzantine Athens Walking Seminar

The 11th and the 12th centuries are thought to be the Golden Age of Athens Byzantine art. Most of the better known and more important Byzantine Churches were built in these two centuries as part of a Christian reconstruction following the campaigns of Emperor Basil II in the Balkans.

Tour length: 5 hours       Depart from: outside the metro station Evangelismos

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Athens Market Places: Now & Then

Visit Athens bustling center, pick up souvenirs in the Monastiraki flea market. See specialist goods on Ifaistou or Pandrossou Streets. Step back in time at the Ancient Agora and wander past 17th century houses.

Tour length: 4 hours       Depart from: outside Athens City Hall (Athinas str)

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The Golden Age: The Glory of Athens Walking Seminar

This tour explores Athens during the “Golden Age” of the 5th century BCE, when the polis was at the apex of its wealth and power.

Tour length: 8 hours       Depart from: outside Acropolis Metro station

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